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Where's Aubrey has played together since 1985, writing and performing all original music since the turn of the millenium. Rhine Singleton's original songs, cloaked and hooded by Gary McGraw's improvisation on the fiddle and mandolin, range from old timey folk music through modern jazz. Where's Aubrey performs live only sporadically but records original music with some regularity.

Where's Aubrey has played at The Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville, VA, Moon Shiva International in Costa Rica and can occasionally be seen in New Hampshire (at DelRossi's Trattoria in Dublin and also in Keene).

Gary McGraw

Gary McGraw has played the violin since he was 3 years old (over 48 years for those of you counting). He started learning by ear using the Suzuki method in Tennessee, touring in 1976 with Shinichi Suzuki himself and playing in Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, the Omni, and Disney World. During high school in Texas and Tennessee, Gary played in all state orchestras all four years. He also toured with a youth orchestra playing in Carnegie Hall, Notre Dame, and Albert Hall (among other venues). Gary learned to improvise in college at the University of Virginia where he played for the first time with Rhine Singleton in 1985. He played with the Charlottesville Symphony for four years during college as well as playing out in Charlottesville with Grassroots. During grad school and after, Gary picked up the mandolin and worked hard on improvisational style. He played with Gricklegrass for a couple of years in Winchester. Va, played with Hot Club Millwood (a Django Reinhart inspired band), and is now an active member of the Bitter Liberals based in Berryville, VA. Where's Aubrey gradually coalesced into existence in the mid-90s, pivotal events being the annual beach week at the Stick in North Carolina and the annual Oopstock festival in New Hampshire. Where's Aubrey began recording all original music in 2001. Gary plays a violin made in Paris between 1750 and 1800, it's a Gagliano clone. His mandolin is a Flatiron. While not playing music, Gary McGraw travels the world, writes books about software security, and helps run the Software Integrity Group of Synopsys.

Rhine Singleton

Rhine Singleton played piano and violin before switching to guitar at age 11. In junior high school he started playing electric guitar and joined a rock n' roll band that he stayed with until leaving his hometown in Connecticut to go to college in Virginia. While at the University of Virginia he met many talented acoustic musicians and took up acoustic guitar. Weekends and late nights were dominated by countless jam sessions with guitar and violin players. It was here that he first met Gary McGraw, and during his junior year Rhine decided to start singing so that he didn't have to rely on others to choose songs and provide vocals. It was also here that the singing and songwriting of friends inspired Rhine to start writing music. In graduate school in Ithaca, he played with Blues for Mother Earth, and began the annual summer music festival sometimes called Oopstock. This festival and the annual trips to the Carolina coast led to Rhine and Gary's repertoire of original tunes. In 2001 Rhine and Gary started recording under the name Where's Aubrey. Rhine also plays in a band named Bare Bones. Other great music by Rhine can be found at variablet. While at home in New Hampshire, Rhine plays music with his friends and his wife and two sons, tries to get work done on his house and yard, and teaches at Franklin Pierce College.

Ryan MacMichael

I made this web site.


A short documentary shot for a school project by Zay Singleton. Dad and his friend play music.