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chaukori blue

chaukori blue cover

Copyright ©2015 by Creaky Chair Productions.

All songs written by Rhine Singleton. Arrangements by Rhine Singleton and Gary McGraw.

Guitar and vocals: Rhine Singleton
Mandolin, fiddle, and vocals: Gary McGraw
Tabla and percussion: James Muschler of Moon Hooch

Produced by Gary McGraw

Recorded and Mastered at National Media Services studio in Front Royal, VA.

Engineering, Digital Production, and Mastering by Will Shenk and Gary McGraw.

Cover art by April Claggett, including "Saddhu" painting.

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  1. breathe the mountain air
  2. the miles roll by
  3. like a wave
  4. all of the ways that we tried
  5. a blue blue day
  6. it's hard to imagine
  7. fallin' down like rain
  8. don't set me down
  9. i'm blue
  10. conflicted
  11. another day
  12. now and always