Where's Aubrey


luminous cover

Copyright ©2011 by Creaky Chair Productions.

All songs written by Rhine Singleton. Some arrangements by Rhine Singleton and Gary McGraw.

Guitar and vocals: Rhine Singleton
Mandolin, fiddle, and vocals: Gary McGraw

Produced by Gary McGraw

Recorded and Mastered at National Media Services studio in Front Royal, VA.

Engineering, Digital Production, and Mastering by Will Shenk and Gary McGraw.

Cover art by National Media Services. Original photography by Amy Barley.

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  1. and it's the light
  2. as if I ever had a care
  3. the time has grown long
  4. double or nothing
  5. it ain't that far to fall
  6. if I could
  7. salt
  8. I saw your light
  9. ever enough
  10. dig on down
  11. just another day
  12. drawing back your blade
  13. coda (double or nothing)
  14. we fall
  15. believe all this
  16. time runs like a rabbit

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