Where's Aubrey


Much of our music is free for download. You can also buy copies of our CDs if you wish by clicking on the CD cover. Enjoy.


diversion cover diversion
Tracks: Burn Our Castles, All in the Light, Don't Pass Me By, My Mistake, Seems Like Never, Away, Into a Cloud, Why Can't You Be True, Slip By, More, Straw Man

chaukoriblue cover chaukori blue
Tracks: breathe the mountain air, the miles roll by, like a wave, all of the ways that we tried, a blue blue day, it's hard to imagine, fallin' down like rain, don't set me down, i'm blue, conflicted, another day, now and always

luminous cover luminous
Tracks: and it's the light, as if I ever had a care, the time has grown long, double or nothing, it ain't that far to fall, if I could, salt, I saw your light, ever enough, dig on down, just another day, drawing back your blade, coda (double or nothing), we fall, believe all this, time runs like a rabbit

blue21A cover blue21A
Tracks: We Will Float Away, Bring It On, Now It’s Alright, These Ain’t my Pearls, Seven Hours till Dawn, Break It Apart, Your Lies are Gone, You Hold Mine, Brown Like Your Cinnamon, Ain’t no Finer Kind of Blue, Plain as White, Five Swimming Pools of Whiskey, Your Color of Blue

100 Feet Above the Ground cover 100 Feet Above the Ground
Tracks: 100 Year Flood, Winter, Take It Away, 100 Feet Above the Ground, Change My World, Forty Crows, Let It Rain, Fallin' Down, Take that Train, Always Rainin', Steal Away, There's a Fire, It's All Gone to Pieces, To You Right Now

Ghosts on the Farm cover Always Near Empty
Tracks: Now That the Past is Gone, Once More, Critical Time Interval, Big Fishes, Has It Ever Been This Good, I'm Only Looking for One, Prayers for My Soul, Far Too Empty, Full Up, Dirty Blond Haired Girl, Talkin Don't Count for Nuthin, Devilish Situation, Something Funky Going On, I Think I'll Call a Doctor

Dirt Road cover Dirt Road
Tracks: Headin' Down the River, Restless Water, A Quarter For Your Smile, Too Long, Holes In My Pride, One More Roadhouse, Forgive Me, Tail Lights, We Should Run Away, Change Is All I See, Back By My Side, Waves Go By, I'm Forgettin'

Ghosts on the Farm cover Ghosts on the Farm
Tracks: Hangin, Ghosts On the Farm, Sibling's Lament, I Can't, I'll Be Tryin', I Will Walk With You, Ours Before Us, Keep This Song, Stay for a While, The Fire, Home

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