Where's Aubrey

Music - Rough Cuts, Sketches, and Live Albums

Sometimes, Where's Aubrey plays in front of people and records the results. Like in 2007:

Live in Berryville 07/07 cover Live in Berryville 07/07
Tracks: Now That the Past is Gone, Parking in Berryville, I Can't, Only Lookin for One, Critical Time Interval, Eli's Song, Talkin' Don't Count for Nothin', Full Up, Walk On My Back, I Think I'll Call a Doctor, Dirty Blonde Haired Girl, One More Roadhouse, Where's Aubrey, There's a Fire, Take That Train, Far Too Empty, Headin' Down the River, Devlish Situation, Rollin' By, Hangin', Has It Ever Been This Good, Big Fishes, Holes in My Pride

Live '07 cover Live '07
Tracks: Now That the Past is Gone, Always Rainin, Take That Train, One More Mountain Breeze, Only Looking For One, There's a Fire, Too Long (Eli's Song), Full Up, Talking Don't Count for Nuthin, Devlish Situation

Rhine is a prolific songwriter, and we work up and record only a fraction of the hundreds of songs he has written. The following songs are unpolished and recorded on home equipment at Squeaky Chair Studios.

House of Cards cover House of Cards
Tracks: Tuscon Tonight, If I Could, For a Lonely Day, My Best Days, Stand, House of Cards, Layin Awake, One More Night, One More Mountain Breeze, Once More, Step On Out, Without My Baby, Walk On My Back

More of Rhine's music can be found at variablet.com.